Home Learning

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Dear Parent’s and Carers,

In light of the First Minister’s recent announcement, we have developed plans for a change in provision if, as expected, we are authorised to bring more pupils into school from the week starting 22nd February.

The details of these changes are listed below.

Changes to P1-3 model

  • All pupils will return to school 22nd February
  • Return to standard Learning & Teaching models and staffing.
  • Digital learning no longer required.
  • Switch to paper home learning packs for WC 15th February (allowing class teachers time to prepare classrooms, plan and resource in-person lessons). Packs will be home delivered by Brunstane staff throughout the day on Tuesday 16 February. iPads will be collected from P1-3 families and redistributed to P4-7 pupils during this week. Please ensure any school iPads you have been given are ready for collection today.

Changes to P4-7 model

  • Introduction MS Teams video check-ins for p4-7. Timetables for these will be issued WC 15th February.
  • Move to more extended use of teams if P4-7 closure continues longer. Drop-in support will be provided for families who struggle to sign in to Teams.
  • Video greetings will no longer be posted on Twitter (as will take place on Teams). Video lesson instruction will remain in place unchanged
  • Parent/Carer guidance, passwords and Responsible Use Protocol contracts will be sent home to P4-7 families WC 15 Feb
  • iPads will be sent home to P4-7 families who do not currently have a device WC 15 Feb

If you have any questions please contact our school office.

Yours sincerely,

Chris McMillan

Head Teacher