Nursery Class 15/16

Welcome to our nursery page. We will update items here regularly and we would love to hear from you if you have suggestions or questions about our page.

Good Luck to the new primary 1 from all your friends in the nursery.

The Brunstane Nursery team would like to thank all our parents and families for their support and friendship this year.

We hope you have a fantastic summer.









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Bed Time Books

We have started Bedtime books in the nursery, we have a selection of books for children to borrow freely to enjoy at home. The staff decided to share favourite books from their own families.

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Children and Families Achievement Awards 2015

Brunstane Nursery Success

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April 2015

The Nursery Team

Margherita Still

Margherita Still

Donna Walls

Donna Walls Nursery Officer

Wendy Crawford

Wendy Crawford

Magdalena Debicka-Krawczyk

Magdalena Debicka-Krawczyk

Transition to Primary 1 2015

The transition to primary 1 starts almost at the beginning of the preschool year but since Easter we have been taking part in more structured activities.

This years theme is The Light House Keeper’s Lunch

Transition day 1 included a visit from a story teller and some fun crafting activities. The children all got their Reading Rainbows Books to take home.

Transition day 2 was another story telling visit and crafting tiles for our Lighthouse that is being built in the nursery.

Transition day 3 A visit to Portobello Library, puppets, stories and sea gulls!

P1transition1 P1transitionPL

Newsletter May 2015



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This year our tadpoles did very well- we had lots of tiny froglets by the middle of June so we set them free in a pond on Arthur’s seat.

Health and Wellbeing


We encourage the children to try new foods and to experience sharing snack times with their friends in a social setting. It is really important that our parents support us by contributing £1.50 every week to ensure we can buy and supply a healthy snack. I’d like to thank all our parents who are so great at supporting us in this way!

IMG_5618 IMG_5620_2 IMG_5419

The Nursery Garden

We like to play outside whatever the weather! The children really love the new climbing frame we bought with the support of the parents. Our next goal is to get outdoor sandpits for the garden for the children to enjoy.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Santa, Jimmy Martin, before Christmas to open our new outdoor climbing frame.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Santa, Jimmy Martin, before Christmas to open our new outdoor climbing frame.

The Gruffalo's Child Mural is finally finished.

The Gruffalo’s Child Mural is finally finished.


We performed a version of Wee Willie Winkie to commemorate Burns back in January. The morning children all enjoyed taking part and entertaining their school friends.


As we head towards the summer term the preschool children are all getting ready for the move to school. They will be practising writing and reading their names and learning their friends names to help get them excited about learning to read.

December 2014 update!

Over the last year there has been some exciting events in our nursery, we had visits from the Police and Ambulance service, we took the train to Waverly and went to the Scottish Story Telling Centre, lots of parents worked to improve our garden, we held fun events to help raise funds for our garden improvement and we took part in the Reading Rainbows Transition to Primary 1 project.

Nursery Reading Rainbows Tapestry

Nursery Reading Rainbows Tapestry

We had a very successful visit from the Care Inspectorate in May,  receiving Excellent or Very Good  for all areas of our nursery.

At Brunstane we strive to maintain our high levels of achievement and aim to provide an exciting and safe nursery for our children. Here is a short update on what we are planning now.


We have been reading Julia Donaldson books this term. The children loved the Gruffalo so much that we decided to paint the walls in the garden with murals from the story. The children have been inspired by the project and enjoy telling each other the story and pretending to play with the characters in the garden. You can visit to play games and read more about the Gruffalo!

The preschool children are beginning to write their names and are enjoying different kinds of materials for writing. Look out for the new nursery rhyme in your child’s library bag on a Wednesday, share this with your child for fun and to help them get ready for reading!

The afternoon class are just beginning to experiment with mark making and recognising the initial letters in their names. Library books are changed on a Wednesday.


We are learning the days of the week and looking at numbers in the environment around us. Help us by pointing out bus numbers, door numbers or any kind of digits you see when you are out and about!

Physical education

We aim to play outside every day but as the weather gets colder we need children to come to school in the proper clothes for outside play. This is important to remember especially if you travel to school by car and may not be wearing warm clothes for the journey. Hats, gloves, scarves and wellie boots are all recommended!

mud poster


We are still focusing on books by Julia Donaldson have planned a trip to see the Stickman Live on Stage in December. We are looking at the changing weather and noticing how it effects the garden and the animas that visit.

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