Religious Observation

Religious Observance at Brunstane Primary School

The Education (Scotland) Act 1980 continues to impose a statutory duty on local authorities to provide religious observance in Scottish Schools. As Scotland remains a country which welcomes people from other communities, the range of faiths and belief traditions through Religious Observance should reflect this diversity from a faith or non-faith perspective.

Schools are asked to arrange 6 assemblies that are specifically for Religious Observance which reflect a sense of community and understanding, spiritual development and celebrating shared values. These are not assemblies of Religious Worship but “Times of Reflection” which are led by school staff, our school chaplain Rev Moffat and representatives of other world religions.

Parents have the right to ask to withdraw their child from these assemblies, however all assemblies adopt an open and respectful approach, and do not seek to compromise the beliefs of any pupil or their families

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