Brunstane Brain Boosts (Home Learning)

Brunstane Brain Boosts is Brunstane’s approach to Home Learning. It follows these three important rules:

  • A Brain Boost Task should only take 10-20 minutes per day.
  • No new learning will be covered – boosting class learning is the goal of Brunstane Brain Boosts.
  • Doing this regularly is proven to boost learning.

Brain Boosts runs on a 4-week cycle:

  • Week 1 – Maths
  • Week 2 – Reading
  • Week 3 – Handwriting
  • Week 4 – Spelling

Look out for the Brain Boost tasks in your child’s school bag on a Monday each week! Share any Brain Boost Learning that your child does at home on Twitter @brunstaneps or with your child’s Class Teacher.

Additional Learning at Home

If you are seeking to do any additional learning at home with your child, please see the useful resources below to support with Phonics, Spelling and Maths.


This phonics explanation video  gives more information on phonics and why we use a phonic approach to teach reading and writing.

Daily phonics practice for our younger learners can be found through these two PDF documents: Primary 1 Daily Phonics Activities  (PDF) word time (PDF).

Ruth Miskin Phonics training are also doing daily lessons that can be accessed via the following links:   Set 1 sounds Set 1 Spelling Set 1 word time Set 2 Sounds and Reading Set 2 Spelling Set 3 Sounds Set 3 Spelling

Phonics support for older learners can be found here:

Sounds and decoding

word time

Set 1 sounds consonant blends phonics lesson

Set 1 sounds phonics lesson

Set 1 sounds phonics lesson 2

set 2 sounds phonics lesson-ay

Set 2 sounds lesson

set 3 sounds phonics lesson – o_e

set 3 sounds phonics lesson- i_e

set 3 sounds phonics lesson-o_e

Red word and common word reading and activities:

red word connect 4

block 2 common words snakes and ladders

Activities and templates



boggle game 2nd April 2020

Boggle game 1st April

boggle activity 27.04.20

Further phonics and spelling practice can be accessed through Spelling City for P1-7 pupils and through SumDog Spelling for P5-7 Pupils.

Reading remains an extremely important part of every child’s learning. We encourage all parents to read to their children from an early age and to encourage children of all ages to interact with and read books, comics, newspapers and magazines. All our children will be issued library cards (for more information please visit the City of Edinburgh Library Service website) and their library cards can be used to access e-books that can be accessed from home through the city’s Overdrive service.


We have also signed the school up for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge to encourage our children to read as widely as possible.


Daily numeracy practice for younger learners can be found here: Primary 1 Daily Numeracy Activities (PDF)

White Rose Maths have uploaded some excellent teaching videos and activities  to reinforce key learning from Nursery to Primary 7.

We also use the SumDog website to support numeracy and maths in Primary 1-7. All children in these classes have an account provided by the school. If you would like a copy of your child’s username and password to use at home, please contact the school and we will provide you with one.